Safety Tips

We do not pre-screen our callers and assume no responsibility for anyone you meet through this service. We would like to recommend the following tips for safe dating:

  • Keep personal information, such as your last name, home phone number, address or details about your workplace confidential until you’ve had time to get to know the other person.
  • Choose a public, well-lit, neutral location for your first few meetings with someone, for example, a coffee shop or restaurant. Never have them come to your home or place of work to meet you.
  • Meet in the daytime, if possible.
  • Tell a friend where you are going.
  • If you feel uncomfortable about anything your date suggests, it’s OK to politely decline. Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into doing anything or giving out any information that you don’t want to. Watch for red flags and pay attention to inappropriate behavior.
  • Finally, meeting someone is usually more successful if you’ve taken the time beforehand to get to know them through messages and conversations online. Exercise common sense and do your own research prior to meetings.